Your Pretties Have Arrived | A Change Worth Making

In our world today, it is more important now than ever to do your part in protecting our planet. Beyond our apparel, CVG is on a mission to give back to our community any way we can.

In 2021, CVG took a look at how we could reduce our environmental impact on things like packaging and waste. Our research lead us to change our CVG zip-up clothing bags from plastic to a biodegradable alternative made from corn. In addition to our clothing bags, we changed our external poly mailers from traditional material to a 100% Recycled content, 15% post-consumer waste product made in USA. This change also allowed us to add some fun new text to the outside of the bag which lets you know your CVG has arrived! While we took on some additional costs, we are happy that our decision has lead to a reduction in the use of energy, oil, and burning gasoline.

Our decision to use packaging made with recycled material has saved:

CVG has offset over 700,000 plastic items since donating to Vera.

In addition to changing our packaging to biodegradable and recycled materials, CVG has partnered with the Vera Collective to fund jobs that prevent plastics from entering the ocean. Vera is a simple way for individuals, small groups, and businesses to offset their plastic footprint by donating monthly.

We’re changing lives with your help.

In 2020, CVG donated $20,848 to NoKidHungry.org with the profits made from our face covers. This donation would not have been possible without our amazing community built around fitness, health, and overall well-being.

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