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How To Modify And Scale Your Workouts While Still Challenging Yourself

Source: The Thick Thighs Save Lives Podcast

Often times people feel like they’re stuck in a place where they’re not in good enough shape to go to a gym and work out. This is extremely common. Many people believe that they need to get in shape before they get in shape.

In reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless of where your current ability levels are there is absolutely no reason why you can not begin working out RIGHT NOW.

This is where the importance of modifying and scaling workouts comes into play. With proper scaling the same workout can be done by two people drastically different ability levels and both of them will still be challenged and will still grow and improve from being challenged.

For example, if a particular workout calls for pull-ups many people may stay away from this workout because they feel like this exercise is too challenging for them and above their ability level. Many people do not have the ability to complete a workout with pull-ups.

However, with proper scaling this workout can be modified by subbing out the pull-ups with a similar movement, that works similar muscles. A common substitution for pull-ups is ring rows, or jumping pull-ups. This alternative movements can still be very challenging but allows people of many different ability levels to take part in the workout. Most importantly they will still get in a great workout.

Other scaling modifications include Knee Raises instead of Toes To Bar, Box Step-ups instead of Box Jumps, Elevated Push-ups On A Box instead of Push-ups and Piked Push-ups instead of Handstand Push-ups.

It is worth noting that over time modifications should be altered to continue to challenge yourself. Staying within your comfort zone will not allow growth.

Every single workout can be modified if done correctly by a trained coach. If you are looking for help from trained coaches to assist you in modifying your workouts just head over to our free FB group. Our coaches their are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and always wanting to help you improve.

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