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Why Do I Yawn At The Gym Even Though I’m Not Tired?

Chances are, just reading the title of this article has already caused you to yawn. 🤣 Sorry about that! Just know you’re not alone. In fact, MANY people find themselves yawning during work outs. There’s many possible reasons for this and luckily many of the reasons can be easily corrected. Let’s break down a few of them so we can solve your yawning troubles.

1. Exercise Induced Asthma.

If your yawning troubles happen mostly during your workouts then Exercise Induced Asthma may be the issue. If you believe this is a possibility for you then you could reach out to your doctor. Your doctor will likely suggest an inhaler which you could use before and/or during your workout sessions.

2. Low blood oxygen.

The most common reason for yawning is low oxygen levels in your blood. Try taking deep breaths before and during your workouts. Work on your belly breathing throughout your entire day, not just while at the gym. Something as simply as this will increase your blood oxygen.

3. Low iron.

If you believe your yawning troubles go beyond the walls of your gym and your workouts then low iron could be an issue for you. Iron helps transport oxygen into your blood. If you’re low in iron this could result in yawning frequently. Your doctor can run some simple blood work to see if this is an issue for you.

4. Drink more water.

Working out, especially on hot days will likely result in a lot of sweating. If you’re not replacing that sweat with plenty of water than you may be dehydrated. Often times people find that if they’re better hydrated they will yawn less. If your water intake could be low then this is a good place to start.

5. High body temperature.

Working out causes your body temperature to increase (obviously). If your body temperature is too high your brain will use yawning as a way for your body to take in more cool air to lower your overall temp.

In most cases yawning during your workouts is not something to be concerned about. While it may feel odd to be yawning before or during something physical it is in fact very common. If you feel like your yawning is more than just the common issue you should certainly consult your doctor to see if there are further issues. But more than anything else make sure you’re getting at least 8 hours of sleep and eating nutritious foods to fuel your energy level.

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