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14 Fitness Myths & Lies That People Have Been Tricked Into Believing

The internet is an interesting place. It’s simply amazing that we have all the information in the world at our fingertips. However, the problem with this is that “all the information” also includes incorrect information.

These days an Instagram model can spread false information that seems like truth due to the fact that they have a million followers. Or a post on Facebook can go viral because a celebrity trainer made a Youtube video.

Just the other day I saw an article that included quotes from a celebrity trainer claiming that burpees should be avoided because they provide no value and can result in injury. 🤬

The best way to set the record straight is for YOU to learn for yourself and pass the correct knowledge onto your friends and family.

The myths and lies stop now. Let’s begin…

1. Fasted Cardio will lose more fat.

Those that do fasted cardio will defend this until the day they die. However, the fact is that fasted cardio does not have any additional impact on fat loss. Whether you do cardio after eating or before eating your body will not treat the fat on your body any differently.

Doing cardio will burn calories. Doing fasted cardio will burn the same calories. If you’ve ate food and do cardio you burn X calories. If you haven’t eaten food and you do calories you burn the same X calories. That number does not change based on if you’ve eaten or not.

Anyone that claims to have success with fasted cardio simply had success for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. They ate less due to fasting.
  2. They added cardio to their routine. Being fasted isn’t relevant.

2. Squatting Ass To Grass Will Result In Injury

Have you ever seen a child squat down to pick something up? Perfect range of motion. Perfect mobility and flexibility. This is the way people are meant to move. As we age we move less, sit longer and and loss proper range of motion.

Our bodies are meant to squat to full depth. Training this way is not dangerous. In fact, it’s extremely beneficial.

The myth that squatting ass to grass is often brought on by 2 types of people:

1. People that lack mobility and don’t understand the importance of improving their flexibility.

2. People that believe they look cooler squatting a heavy barbell, because we all know they couldn’t squat close to the same weight if they were actually breaking parallel.

Many people find that working on proper squat form and depth can actually help previous injuries because they are working their full range of motion and moving as their bodies are intended.

3. Thin = Healthy

It’s a very common misconception that just because someone is thin that they are healthy or fit. Being thin does not mean you’re fit or healthy just the same that being thick means that you’re not fit or not healthy.

Thin just means you don’t have a lot of excess body fat. That’s all it means and nothing more. You can still have poor health while being thin. You can still be unfit while being thin.

4. Lifting weights make women bulking.

Many people train for years and still struggle to put on size. The myth that lifting weights will suddenly make someone “bulky” couldn’t be further from the truth. And don’t get me started on the word “bulky”.

If you’re working out with 2.5 pound hand weights because you don’t want to look like a man then you need to do some learning. I recommend checking out The Thick Thighs Save Lives Podcast.

5. Abs are made in the kitchen.

False, false, false. I’m not sure where this phrase came from but the fitness community adopted it and uneducated people accepted it. Everyone has abs, they exist regardless of your diet. In fact, the ab muscles are exactly the same as every other muscle in your body. Have you ever heard someone say biceps are made in the kitchen? Are glutes made in the kitchen? No.

Abs are made by working your core muscles in the same way that you work all other muscles. Proper constantly varied workout programming is by far the best way to reach your goal of abs. The Thick Thighs Save Lives Podcast did an entire episode on the topic called “Abs Are Not Made In The Kitchen”.

6. Weights and cardio should be separate sessions.

Your progress will not improve by separating cardio and strength. The best way to make progress in your fitness journey is to incorporate high intensity training that includes weights and cardio combined in a constantly varied design. I recommend checking out The Thick Thighs Save Lives Workout Program.

7. Spot training.

Unfortunately many people believe spot training is a thing. Luckily every expert in the world is on the same page on this topic. Spot training is simple not a thing.

Put in a more understandable way…If you want less fat on your arms you can’t do arm exercises to reduce fat. Your body will lose fat in the areas that it prefers. You do not have specific control over that.

8. Weight determines health.

This is a similar concept to #2 listed above. Stepping on a scale does not tell you your health. You can be extremely thin and be sick AF or you can be thick and being healthy AF.

9. Waist trainers are a good idea.

Noooo! If you believe that waist trainers are a good idea then I’m probably not going to talk you out of it because you clearly no nothing, John Snow. Waist trainers will literally destroy your insides. This is not health or fitness, this is torture. Just stop.

10. Sweat Belts & Sweet Sweat will help lose fat.

I’m not going to bash people too hard for believing this one. However, it’s absolutely a myth. I understand that many people relate sweating to losing fat. The logic seems decent considering when you’re working out you’re sweating and working towards losing weight.

However, the sweating part doesn’t actually make you lose any more fat. The only thing you’re losing is extra water which has no part in fat removal. If anything you’re just dehydrating yourself and making your body struggle to function as well.

Simply put, sweet sweat, sweat belts and anything of the sorts are absolutely scams and they won’t even exist in the coming years as people start to realize that they’re selling snake oil.

11. Supplements will help you reach your goals.

Ugh! Everyone loves their supplements. Truth be told, people love to spend money to help them get an edge in their goals. However the truth is that the majority of supplements not only do not help, but most will actually do more bad than good.

Supplements are packed with absolute trash. Filler, sugar, fake sugar, and chemical concoctions that often times are later pulled off the shelves by the FDA because of very serious health factors.

The supplement industry is a mutli BILLION dollar industry and they have made it their mission to trick consumers into thinking that supplements are beneficial. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

For more info on the shadiness of supplements check out the Supplements episode of The Thick Thighs Save Lives Podcast.

12. Carbs are evil.

Carbs are evil? False! Carbs are wonderful! Yes you can eliminate carbs and lose weight. However, this is a short term result that is not sustainable. Carbs are a necessary and natural part of making sure your body functions properly.

Treats carbs in moderation and use them to fuel you rather than thinking of them as poison.

13. Cleanses and detoxes are beneficial.

Your body does not need you to help it cleanse. Your body does this on it’s own. In fact, it’s not uncommon for cleanses and detoxes to confuse your body into thinking that something is very wrong. As a result your body can have major issues.

Be sure to stay away from any products that claim they’re part of cleanses and detoxes. The majority of time they’re just sugar drinks and a waste of your hard earned money.

14. There’s a 1 size fits all answer.

It’s very easy to make blanket statements when it comes to fitness. While there are many staples in fitness there are also many many more things that are not 1 size fits all.

What works for 1 body may not work for another. What works for 1 person could actually hurt another.

Your health and fitness journey is yours alone and it should be considered a life long project to find what works for you. Something could work for you now and it might not work for you 10 years ago.

Stay clear of anyone promising that they have the answer for you. Every body is different!

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