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The Best Fitness Memes Of April 2019 – Voted On By You!

There’s nothing better than a 1 sentence meme that can make you laugh or smile.

The list below is made up of the top 5 fitness memes on Constantly Varied Gear’s Instagram. Every day CVG posts 2 memes (not always fitness related). Currently the CVG team strongly believes that they have seen every meme on the internet.

So we decided to compile a list based off of total number of likes on memes during the month of April. Each of the fitness memes listed below had a minimum of 3,500 likes and a maximum of 6,000 likes.

Here are the top 5 fitness memes of April:

Every time I try to eat healthy, along comes Easter, Summer, Christmas, Friday or Tuesday to ruin it for me.

I’m a strong woman who is capable of many things, but restraining myself around chips and salsa is not one of them.

I hope when I inevitably chock to death on gummy bears, people will just say I was “killed by bear” and leave it at that.

Nutritional labels should include a “what if I ate the whole fucking thing” section.

Endorphins make you happy…and happy people don’t kill their husbands.

We hope you enjoyed April’s best fitness memes. Personal the gummy bear one is by far my favorite. I don’t know about you but I laughed at it for much longer than I should have.

We would love to hear what you thought of the top memes of April. Comment below to tell us which is your favorite. Or if you have a great meme that you’d like to share with us simply drop it in the comments below and maybe we’ll use it on CVG’s instagram!

If you’d like to see more memes like the ones featured above check out CVG’s Instagram. There have been 2 memes added every day for over 2 years, so you’ll have an amazing amount of them to enjoy!

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