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17 Leggings & Tanks That Every Gym Mermaid Needs

Being a mermaid has sooo many benefits. Let me explain why! For one, they have fins instead of legs so they never have to run. The same goes for burpees, nope. And everyone knows mermaids have the best hair.

Not to mention the amazing variety of mermaids. There’s sassy mermaids that never adult. There’s the extra girly mermaids, scary mermaids and don’t forget badass mermaid skulls.

All of these variations and more have been collected below to help you be the best workout mermaid you can be! Check out the list:

1. I’m Done Adulting Let’s Be Mermaids Tank Top

There’s one thing all mermaids can agree on…adulting is not okay. This top is available as tank or tee in 9 different colors, including black, grey, blue, neon pink, neon yellow, red and more.

Source: CVG’s Mermaid Tanks

2. Squat Proof Mermaid Leggings

Mermaid leggings for the gym have to be squat proof, no if ands or BUTTS about it. Checkout the video below for a great 360 degree view of the leggings.

Source: Constantly Varied Gear’s Mermaid Leggings

3. Mermaid AF Shirt

Source: Constantly Varied Gear’s Mermaid Workout Shirt

4. Mermaid Skull Sports Bra

For the darker side of mermaids there’s the mermaid skull design, this one available in a sports bra. This particular bra has a super supportive band. However the best part is the strappy back.

Source: CVG’s Mermaid Sports Bra

5. Matching Mermaid Skull Leggings

Of course a mermaid pattern this good also has to be available as leggings as well. Best of all, they’re squat proof. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

Source: Constantly Varied Gear’s Mermaid Leggings With Pockets

6. I’m Sorry I Can’t Run I’m A Mermaid Shirt

Hate running? No worries! Mermaids have fins, not legs. Never worry about another running day again.

Source: CVG’s Mermaid Shirt

7. Heart Of A Mermaid Mouth Of A Sailor Shirt

Just because you’re a friendly mermaid doesn’t mean your mouth has to play the part. Mouth of a sailor is just as good.

Source: Constantly Varied Gear’s Funny Mermaid Shirt

8. The Dragon Scale Leggings/Capris

Not quite mermaid leggings. Technically they’re dragon scale leggings. But they can easily double has black mermaid scales! Unfortunately this design has been retired. It was just too good of a design to pass up for this article.

Source: CVG’s Dragon Scale Leggings & Capris

9. Instant Mermaid Just Add Water Shirt

To view all items in the outfit below just click the photo.

10. Mermaid Hair And Salty Air Tank Top

The perfect beach shirt for any mermaid. Everyone knows that mermaids have the perfect hair.

11. Mermaids Don’t Do Burpees Shirt

Arguably the best thing about being a mermaid is the fact that you don’t have to do burpees. I suppose the same goes for running…

Source: Constantly Varied Gear’s Burpee Shirt

12. Mermaids Don’t Have Thigh Gaps Shirt

Source: CVG’s Mermaid Workout Shirt

13. Mermaid Skull Headband

Alright, so this isn’t a leggings or shirt but this mermaid skull headband is the perfect match for the mermaid skull leggings and sports bra shown above. This headband consists of 2 layers of fabric to make sure it fits perfect on your head and doesn’t slip during your workout.

Source: CVG’s Mermaid Headband

14. There’s A Million Fish In The Sea But I’m A Mermaid Tank Top

Constantly Varied Gear’s Funny Mermaid Shirt

15. Kinda Pissed About Not Being A Mermaid Tank Top

If you’re not a mermaid than I’d imagine you’re pretty pissed about it at this point. If that’s the case this one should be a winner for you. The color shown in the photo is mint, however it’s available in 8 other different colors as well.

16. This Is My Human Costume, I’m Really A Mermaid Shirt

Perfect for Halloween but more than acceptable all year round. This one is a fan favorite for grabbing attention from others at the gym.

Source: Constantly Varied Gear’s Funny Mermaid Tank

17. Drink Like A Pirate Dance Like A Mermaid Shirt

We hope you loved this collection of the best workout mermaid shirts and leggings. We’d love to hear which one is your favorite. Comment below and let us know!

If there’s a particular mermaid shirt that you would like that’s not listed above you can check out CVG’s custom shirts and custom tank tops listing.

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