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What Is The “Bring Sally Up” Challenge?

The Bring Sally Up Challenge

What is Bring Sally Up?

Bring Sally Up originally started as a squat challenge. This challenge that is only a few minutes long but will always leave you struggling to walk.

The Bring Sally Up Challenge can also be done with other movements, such as push-ups, burpees, handstand push-ups or almost anything.

How do you do Bring Sally Up?

First, play the song “Flowers” by Moby. 🌷 We have it listed here for you!

This song comes complete with instructions on what to do. When the song says bring Sally down, you go to the bottom of a squat and hold until you hear “bring Sally up” then you stand. Repeat to the completion of the song.

If you’re doing a movement other than squats you follow the same idea.

Sounds too easy?

If you’re doing the squat challenge we recommend doing it with weight. Try out the weight options below:
☠️Beginner: 35#
☠️Intermediate: 65#
☠️Advanced. 95#

Listen to what others are saying after doing Sally…

We recently did Sally as a challenge in our fitness FB group! Here’s a list of comments made by people after they did Bring Sally Up with squats for the first time. If you’ve never done Sally before this should give you a pretty good idea of what you’re in for!

So if you’ve never done Bring Sally Up before, or if you’re a beginner give it a try with air squats. If you’re more advanced we’d recommend trying it with a weighted barbell. A kettlebell or dumbbell(s) will work as well but holding something in the front rack position for that long might make it suck even more.

Drop your comments below if you’ve tried Sally.

For the workout gear featured in the squat video and the photo above are from Constantly Varied Gear, source: Workout Gear

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  1. I have a love hate relationship with Sally.
    My wife & I actually incorporated it in our wedding.
    We used it as a bonding ceremony for our love & commitment to continuing to support each other on our health and fitness journey.

    My wife loves Sally.
    She once did courtesy weighted squats to Sally – back to back – yes – two go rounds!

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