What should I know before starting Whole30? Will it help me kick my sugar addiction?

Whole30 can teach you A LOT about food and how your body feels. It can be EVERYTHING in kicking a sugar addiction, even if you didn’t know you had an addiction.

For instance, if you currently drink coffee with cream and sugar…. Going on a Whole30 will make you try almond milk or coconut milk. Or even switch to black coffee and maybe hopefully you’ll learn to like it and never switch back. Something as small as this can be a huge change for you over time. Doing Whole30 could help you realize this.

If you’re afraid to attempt something as aggressive as Whole30, I would say is you are right to be a little afraid. It’s a big change and has a lot of power, but it’s just 30 days to kick your addictive habits. You can do that. Main advice– be prepared.
– Don’t go out to eat at all.
– Bring snacks with you everywhere and have some in your car.
– Never cheat it.

Many people struggle to do Whole30 FOR REAL.  If you are doing a whole 30 FOR REAL- Have snacks whenever you want to. Just make sure they are good stuff. You may struggle at first to find things that you like that will make you feel satisfied. But you will learn over time what works best for you. That’s the point of Whole30, to learn and adjust.

After you completed your Whole30 coming back may be a little tough. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Actually funny story- (of what not to do). When I was done I thought oh I’m gonna get something I couldn’t have on the way to a long shift at work. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿคฆ On the way to work I picked up a bagel with cream cheese and a med ice coffee (extra cream and sugar). In my defense I was young ๐ŸคฆI worked at a behavioral treatment center for girls age 11-17 where I often stayed overnight and worked during the day as I was a supervisor. Sometimes I needed the rocky theme song to go to work lol.

Anyway I got to work with my “treat” I wanted to guzzle down and got really sick. Puked. My body was like what the actual fuck is that?? 

So expect to be cautious!! You can start by implementing very small amounts of dairy SLOWLY. You may even find that you do not want very much dairy after you realize you can live happily without it.

In addition, you may also find that you no longer want to consume as much sugar. You’ll have to find what will work for your lifestyle with what you learn. You will have plenty of time to plan for AFTER a whole 30.

Just remember, Whole30 is meant as a learning experience. It’s meant to teach you how you should be eating and how to cook in a meaningful way for yourself. Whole30 is not meant to do forever. Just like anything else this should be done in moderation.

If you would like to hear more from others that have done Whole30, or even join in and do Whole30 with a community, check out our FB group. It’s free and made up of over 36,000 EXTREMELY supportive woman!

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