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What’s the difference between the kip for a kipping Pull-Up and a kipping Toes To Bar?

The Pull-up kip and Toes To Bar kip are SO SO different because of the angle you want your body to be in for each movement.

To touch your toes to the bar multiple times in a row – you need a body position that reflects this goal. You will want to have your body BEHIND the bar, allowing the hips to rise and legs to flick.

For pull-ups and getting your chin over the bar, you want a very different position. Having your body behind the bar is of no help, because that’s the longest way to get your goal accomplished. Instead, you want to use a hollow body position to allow the hips to propel you – allowing the momentum of the hips to ease the pull.

In the photos below you will see how Kelsea gets as far behind the bar as possible. She actively pushes the bar DOWN to achieve this. Then when she has gotten the farthest away possible, she can flick her feet to the finishing position.

For the pull-up kip – the same spot will look really different. You don’t want to push AWAY, you want to propel UP. This will be reflected in Kelsea’s positioning the in the photos below.

Take a look at how different she looks:

Kelsea has generated her hollow body position to create a sense of weightlessness when she pops the hips. Instead of pushing the bar away she is bringing herself TO THE BAR.

Check this photo:

We have put together some demonstration videos of the kipping pull-up and the kipping toes to bar.

This video demonstrates the kipping pull-up and also shows scales and modifications for kipping pull-ups.
This video demonstrates the kipping toes to bar and also shows modifications for kipping toes to bar.

If you would like more help with your kipping pull-ups and kipping toes to bar be sure to check out our FB group. It’s free and made up of over 36,000 EXTREMELY supportive woman and amazing coaches that are happy to help!

All photos and videos shown above are from The Thick Thighs Save Lives Workout Program.

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