Real Nutrition Basics For How To Lose Fat & Live A Healthier Life

First, I just want to say how amazing you are.  You are tackling this and looking for answers.  Always question everything around you and find what works right for you. Every BODY is different.

I cannot stress enough that nutrition is so so individual.  Playing the calorie game can be very confusing.  The way that your body processes 100 calories of soda and 100 cals of almonds is very very different.  Which is why it’s important to look at the big picture.

Here’s where to start– Eat real food.

Next pay attention to portions. The biggest portion of your plate should be veggies.  This should be the case for as many meals as possible. From there- protein and carbs servings can be about the size of your palm.  That is the simplest way to think about it. 


1. No going back for seconds.  Instead make enough for two meals so you can have the next for lunch the next day. 

2. Have left over veggies? Add them to your eggs in the morning.

3. Make sure to plan your meals and always remember to plan to bring snacks on the go. 

4.  Don’t go too long without food so you are starving and craving the bad stuff.  

5. Read every ingredient. Looking at only the ingredient list should be your main focus. Not the nutrition label.

Do you have a workout plan? If not, you will absolutely need one. Check out TTSL either the TTSL E-book or TTSL Daily. Having a program like this will guide you through the most difficult parts of staying on track so you can be successful in your goals. A good workout program is important because your nutrition and energy output has to work together.  The E-book also has a great write-up discussing how food should be thought of as fuel for your body, which is a powerful concept.

If you want to go even more in depth we recommend checking out this episode of The Thick Thighs Save Lives Podcast:

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  1. Learning to look at the ingredients not the nutrition label was eye opening. I still need to learn exactly what to look for besides just being things I can pronounce. : )

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