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The 30-45 Day Workout Program That Will Truly Change Your Life

The Thick Thighs Save Lives E-book, also known as the TTSL E-book, is a 30-45 day workout program that cuts through the BS.

The TTSL E-book consists of up to pre-programmed 5 workouts a week. Each day’s workout is broken down into 4-5 sections, including Warm-up, Strength, Skill, Metcon and Cool-down. If you don’t understand the importance of each of these sections you definitely will within the first few days of the program.

Best of all this program is for all levels. Perfect for all levels.Ā  Experienced people will be challenged.Ā  Beginners will be educated with many modifications and scales available. Depending on your ability level you will choice between the beginner level program which is 45 days long, or the intense level which is 30 days long.

Each programmed exercise can be found in the TTSL video library. These videos break down the correct way to do each movement safely so that you’re not left guessing. Also included in every demo video are modified version of the exercise.

Check out a few examples of the demo videos:

Push-up demo with scales.
Weighted V-ups Demo

The modification and scales for each workout are an important piece to make each workout possible for all ability levels. We have modifications available for all levels that will still challenge you to get in your best workout.

Believe it or not, as good as the programming is it’s not even the best part. The most life changing part of the TTSL E-book are the 4 write-ups that will truly change your outlook and mindset on fitness overall. The write-ups fuel you with the knowledge you need to continue your success long after the e-book is complete.

But with over 180 five star reviews you don’t have to take our word for it, check out a few reviews.

“I’ve seen amazing results in my body. My energy is up, my outlook on life is bright, and the book spells out a strength journey like no other. Start small, finish big! Thank you.”

– April G.

“I did the 30 day e-book and it was awesome! New movements and workout that are all scalable to your level. Amazing!”

– Sara C.

“I love the layout of the workouts! Iā€™m always exhausted by the end and usually sore the next day, which is exactly what I was looking for. I feel like this ebook taught me so many new things, and the videos are really helpful for learning form. Thank you so much!!!”

– Danielle D.

If you have any questions our coaches are happy to answer them in the FB Group.

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