The 4th Annual CVG Secret Santa

It’s absolutely crazy that this is the 4th year that CVG is hosting it’s Secret Santa event. Within a blink of an eye we’ve brought together thousands of woman to share some joy and make a new friend.

This is year bigger than ever, with several days left to sign up we already have more sign-ups than last year. Currently sitting at 1,500 women with projections to likely have 3,000. 😲 The amount of women taking part in this event shouldn’t really be a surprise because it’s truly an amazing time for all!


To take part in this joyous event each participant fills out a quick survey to share some information about themselves. This information is vital because it will help guide your secret santa to find the right gift(s) for you.

After your survey is complete and the sign up deadline has ended we match you up at random with another woman in our community. We then email over your details to your secret Santa and we email you details of the person you will be buying for.

IMPORTANT: Keep an eye on your spam folder AND your promotion tab. If you don’t receive your email there’s a very good chance it’s in 1 of those places.


This year we’re doing something a little different. We’ve added two tiers to help fit each person’s budget better. Participants will now have the option of choosing to take part in either a $20 or $40 minimum spending threshold. You will be paired up with someone that has selected the same spending threshold as yourself.


There are no restrictions on what type of gifts will be bought.

We are a fitness community so we all share that in common, but gifts do not need to be limited to fitness.

We are a community full of people that love CVG, but gifts are not limited to CVG items. However to make life a little easier CVG will create a special Secret Santa Collection with items that fit within the gift buying price range. We will also have Black Friday deals that will make many items within the Secret Santa price range! Keep an eye out in the group for these details.


Sign-ups will close on November 16th. When we reach this deadline it can not be extended.

Deadline to mail your gift is December 24th.


This event is about giving. Please understand that this event is a “participate at your own risk” event. Do not sign-up if not receiving a gift will ruin your holiday season. We understand this is a tiny possibility and ensure that anyone who signs up to participate and does not send a gift will be removed from the group. At the end of the day this event is for those that love to pay it forward to others and that’s what matters most. With thousands of women taking part there is a chance that life happens and your Santa turns out to be a bad Santa. This is beyond our control and CVG is not responsible for making sure gifts are sent or received.

CVG hosts this event within our community but CVG support is not involved in Secret Santa. Please do not send support tickets regarding Secret Santa.


We’ve been doing this for several years now and each year we see the same thing happen. Many people watch the deadline go by thinking that they have no interest in taking part. But then the gift giving action starts and there is massive regret that they missed out on all the fun. If we could give any advice it would be to not miss this event. If you take part you will be very glad that you did. If you don’t take part there’s a very good chance you feel regret and have major FOMO.


To sign up head over to the CVG FB Group and check out the announcement section. You will see a post with the information you need to sign up. Don’t wait too long, the deadline is almost here!


  1. Can I participate even though I live in Canada or is this only for US residents?

    1. I’m Canadian, and I’ve done it for a couple of years now. It’s a lot of fun! 😊

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