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The CVG Nation App Is A Game Changer

The CVG Nation app has been live for only a short time and we have been blown away by the reaction. Over 8,000 members have already joined. Within the first week of launch the app has received 441 reviews on iTunes! 440 of those reviews are for 5 stars. 🀯


It’s a community that’s overflowing with positivity. The setup is similar to a FB group, except better. CVG Nation is made up of sub groups. With our sub groups you can choose to opt into groups like Nutrition, Mindset and NSV. Or you can choose to not join those sub groups.

In addition, there are libraries with amazing free workouts. Every week we release a new workout. There are currently over 170 free workouts waiting for you. Each workout involves demos and explanations. The workouts are perfect for all ability levels.

CVG Nation also includes 100+ episodes of the fitness podcast The Thick Thighs Save Lives Podcast. All episodes can be listened to within the app.

Last but certainly not least, Constantly Varied Gear give away a free pair of leggings or shorts every Monday-Friday! For a chance to win, all you have to do is be an active member of the app. It’s really that simple!


Have you ever been in a FB group and have felt completely overwhelmed with the lack of organization? FB groups are difficult to navigate and find what you’re looking for because of the chaos of only 1 feed. CVG Nation solves that problem with sub groups. Check out some of the current sub groups within the app.

Nutrition – Share recipes, meal prep tricks, ask advice and more. Join this sub group to get inspired with all things food and nutrition.

Mindset – Health, wellness and fitness doesn’t just stop with physical exercise or nutrition. Your mental game is key to success. This section is for all things related to your mental wellness.

Working Out – This sub group speaks for itself but don’t let it fool you. It’s the heart of the CVG Nation app. All things work out related are welcome in this section.

Ask A Coach – We have a team of amazing coaches that are standing by to help you with any question that you may have. You can even post a video of yourself doing an exercise and get a form check. Our Ask A Coach group is free to use and will give you better assistance than any paid coach. Guaranteed!

Motivation – This is a special sub group. All members of this group receive a motivational quote sent to their phone once a day. This is definitely a fan favorite!

Progress Pics – One of the most inspiring things to see is someone’s before and after photos. Our community loves the inspiration and loves to cheer on the success of others. It’s truly like nothing else.

Free Leggings – Once a day we post to this sub group and announce 1 lucky winner to win a free pair of leggings/shorts. We randomly select a winner each day just for being active in CVG Nation.

NSV – This stands for Non Scale Victory. There are so many great things to be proud of beyond the weight on a scale. Members share them in this section for everyone to enjoy and inspire after.

Deal Of The Week – In this section CVG posts a new deal for CVG apparel. These special deals are an added perk for app members only.

Open Chat – Want to discuss something that doesn’t fit in other sub groups? No worries! Check out open chat.

Download CVG Nation now!

CVG Nation on iPhone: Download Now
CVG Nation on Android: Download Now


  1. Loving the convenience and functionality of this app. I don’t have to get caught up in social media to engage with my fitness fam. Love!

  2. I love how well organized the app is. You can tell a lot of thought and planning went into it.

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