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What’s Going On At CVG This Month – July 2019

We’ve had a lot of questions about life behind the scenes at CVG. So we decided to put it all out there for you!

We’ve outgrown our space…again.

One thing that you may not know about CVG is that we’ve had to relocate 5 times in 5 years. Each move has been at the result of lack of space. Every time we move into a new building we look around at how empty it is and discuss how we will never need to move again. A few months later we eat those words. Discussions then pivot to how the hell are we going to move again.

So here we are again. CVG is now in it’s 6th year and we’re due for our 6th move. Easier said than done. The problem is with every year the move gets bigger and more difficult. I won’t even go into the struggles of trying to find larger and larger locations that can house offices, warehouse, production space and gym space.

With each move becoming more and more of a project, paired with the fact that no one on our team has a single minute to spare, we have decided to do what we can with our current space. The biggest issue we’re currently facing is warehouse space. Inventory takes up a LOT of room and it’s only growing. So we decided to optimize for warehouse space.

Previously, the office space was upstairs (along with the gym), while our production area and warehouse were downstairs. So we did the only thing we could do, we moved production upstairs and crammed our office space downstairs to give extra space to the warehouse. As I’m typing this my desk (and everyone’s else’s) is surrounded by boxes. Walls of inventory, everywhere! To be honest, it’s a familiar feeling. Every year that we outgrow our spaces we find ourselves building a maze of boxes.

The lack of space leads perfectly into another hot topic for CVG this month…The Capri Face Off!

The Purple Capri VS Zenergy Capri Face Off

We often like to ask our tribe what products they would like to see next. The feedback recently has been for more solid color leggings. We polled and saw that eggplant/purple and teal were some of the favorites. Super exciting! However, one problem…it seems there was pretty even split between people that wanted purple and people that wanted teal. Easy fix, right? Just offer both. Seems simple enough. But wait, we’re out of space. We already live in a sea of boxes! Carrying both just isn’t possible.

Our tribe wants both, but we physically can’t swing it. Trust me when I say we spent a lot of time covering many different possibilities and we’re happy to say we found an answer. (If you’re thinking reversible, it’s not possible. That’ll have to be a different article though.) We found a way to make as many customers happy as possible. A way to offer both! Well, at least offer both at least once.

And thus, the Capri Face Off was born. We decided we will offer both capris at the same time so everyone can get exactly what they want. Unfortunately, the catch is that we can’t carry both long term. But at least we can have some fun with it. We can let our community decide. Whichever capri is the best seller within the first 24 hours will be restocked. The capri that falls shorts will be retired after it sells out. This allows us to give everyone want they want, at least once!

We understand this isn’t ideal. But it’s the best we can do to try to make as many people in our community happy as possible! There you have it…the story behind the Capri Face Off.

Going from solid teal to Zenergy.

As mentioned above you will notice that this current release began as building everyone’s favorite solid color leggings. But the Zenergy Capris aren’t solid, they have a slight pattern. What happened?

Well, we believe it’s extremely important to test all of our products for months before they go live. The testing process includes a lot of different things. Some of the most important tests include checking to see if they are see through when squatting and if they show sweat. Solid color leggings require a different fabric than our printed leggings. These fabrics are absolutely amazing, but to be candid, it’s difficult to hide sweat with these types of fabrics. For whatever reason our competitors don’t seem to be concerned with sweat showing through their leggings. But for us, it’s not acceptable. For this reason we will never release a legging that shows sweat. And sadly, it turns out the solid teal fabric is not a great color to hide sweat. Another issue is that solid teal seems to draw attention to things that CVG leggings are known to neutralize. Such as cellulite, bumps, etc. So what do you we do?

We pivot! We switch up the solid teal fabric to the fabric of our printed leggings. By switching up the fabric we solve the sweat issue. Our printed fabric never shows sweat. It’s amazing like that! Then we add a hint of a pattern. Not enough to take away from the beautiful teal color, but just enough to eliminate any and all imperfections from showing through.

Just like that, the Zenergy Capris were born!

New arrival tanks are on point!

Lastly, our new tanks are some of my favorite in a while.

We’re pretty sneaky about how we add new shirt sayings to the website. We like to just put them up and let the results speak for themselves. However this month we’re in love with the new sayings. Often times our new shirt sayings are inspired by people in our community, and this batch is no different. I’ll list a few here and let you judge for yourself. Oh! We also recently added a listing for blank flowy tanks. So if you love our tank styles but just looking for a more basic tank check out our Basic Flowy Racerback Tank Tops.

Well, that’s just the tip of the iceberg for life at CVG this month but we can’t spill all the beans. If you enjoyed reading about our behind the scenes chaos make sure to comment below to let us know. If the response is big enough we’ll do our best to give more regular updates.


  1. Moving again?😜 I love hearing all about how everything works behind the scenes!

  2. I love hearing the behind the scenes magic! Great inside info about the teal leggings I didn’t know. But I’m #teampurple. 😁

  3. Oh no, out of space again?? Guess I just gotta get more to free up some space, lol!!

  4. Love the update! Forever rooting for you guys and love that you include your athletes/customers in on some of the BTS deets! β™₯️

  5. Awesome to read! Thanks for sharing! Think you’ll move again soon?

    1. We’re trying to plan for February. Moving during (or before) the holiday season would be impossible.

  6. This was a great read and very insightful! I would love to hear more about the behind the scenes in the future.
    As for teal vs. purple, I can’t thank you enough for ensuring your leggings are sweat-proof and I am actually leaning towards the teal and design as my favorite!

  7. Loved this blog. It’s cool for us to read about all the behind the scenes things at CVG. Keep up the great work!! πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻

  8. This is awesome! Thanks for the updates! Your products are amazing!

  9. PIVOT!

    I love that you are offering both to make people like me happy!

    To help some… maybe if you do limited release leggings as preorder only you can just ship them right out and you do not need inventory space for those!

    Thank you ALL for all you do for our tribe!!

  10. Good little to the point blog. It’s nice to hear about how things are going for the CVG crew since y’all are always so immersed in all of our updates! 😁
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thank you for all you guys do! From amazing clothes to ass busting workouts growing a community of strong super supportive women not to mention all the time you spend mentoring coaching and educating us!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️

  12. Love hearing about the behind-the-scenes stuff! It always amazes me that so few people on the CVG team can make SO MUCH AWESOME happen!

  13. Love the update! Please do more, it is so nice to hear more insight to this amazing company that we all love! Seriously love what you all do and am so appreciative of it! Wish y’all all the best! 😘😘😘

  14. I love reading behind the scenes at this very special company. And it was interesting to hear how the face off came about – I think your solution is a great way to let everyone order what they want, while letting the tribe decide the outcome of what gets stocked! πŸ’™πŸ’œ

  15. Great read! I had no idea you moved so many times. So much work and dedication!

  16. Thank you for making sure the leggings/ shorts are up to standard. Love hearing about the behind the scenes stuff. You guys are the BEST!

  17. I loved this update! You guys are awesome! Thanks for bringing a joy and a lot of badassery to my life!

  18. Loved this!! So cool to know a little behind the scenes of such an incredible company! Hope you do this more!! Congrats on a growing company!!

  19. Thanks for a peak behind the curtain! Love hearing what’s going on.

  20. Just when you think you can’t love a company/group of people more! You guys are SOFA KING awesome. Love this!

  21. Love this company and you DEFINITELY deserve all that comes with needing more space!! πŸ‘πŸ’œ

  22. Thanks Mark… love the inside scoop. And as a CVG OG, I would be happy to store some of your leggings and stuff. πŸ™‚

  23. Well now I found another shirt that I think I need….good thing I just got a raise.

  24. Love the update! And I love even more that a company with such great values is growing!!!

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  26. Love this behind the scene look at CVG!!
    Thanks for all you do 😍

  27. Thanks for sharing!!! Love the “behind the scenes”…. like we know the secrets now! πŸ™‚

  28. Just wanted to say I loved reading the behind the scenes stuff. I enjoy getting know you all and the decision processes you go through. And here I thought the “face-off” was because you won’t be happy until you get all of my money. πŸ˜€

  29. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes! It was a great read!

    I hope you realize just how incredible a company you are and how much this community appreciates all you do for us!

  30. Thanks for keeping your tribe in the loop. Love all that you do to keep everyone happy. Growth is good!

  31. Great read. I love how you guys always keep us informed. You’re the best!

  32. Oh dang, it’s a good thing that you’ve outgrown your space, again. Thanks for having great products but more importantly, a great community on fb! You guys saved my fitness mentality when I was in a dark place due to injury. Thank you! I can’t wait to get the teal print…I love it!

  33. Amazing I love the behind the scenes.. I can just imagine you guys sitting around trying to decide this plus the boxes.. I love it kangaroo Kelsea jumped to the top
    Can’t wait for the teal

  34. It was really interesting to read about your quality control on the teal leggings, I was not enthused about the solid colors just because of the sweat thing, I have never had a pair of solid leggings that didn’t show it. You guys are awesome and I love the innovation and loyalty to your community!

  35. Thank you for sharing. I know you’re a professional company and all but if you need help with the move etc, let me know. I’m in Lowell if you all ever need anything.

  36. I appreciate how much work you all put in the decision to not let either color show sweat. For years I have only worn black because I sweat heavily and I love that I can finally wear ALL the colors. πŸ’™ Your team ROCKS.

  37. It’s cool to hear all the reasonings for the leggings face off. Glad I made my way over to the blog today

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