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TTSL Members: What You Need To Know About Our Next Training Cycle

Congratulations!  You set a goal, prepared for it, worked incredibly hard, and dedicated yourself to the task of honoring our heroes.  Murph 2020 is in the books.

So What’s Next?

Over the past few months you have been focusing on your work capacity and endurance.  You have gotten faster, more agile, and made great strides in your bodyweight movements.  But now it’s time to lift some heavy shit.

A New Strength Cycle Begins Now!

As always, the pillars on which we define fitness will be present in your every day programming.  Our work on endurance, coordination, speed, balance, and flexibility continue – but the focus of the next 8 weeks will be on strength building.  We are going to increase our power output with a strength cycle designed to increase your abilities in your overhead press, deadlift, and front and back squat.  

Who’s Ready For The Summer Of Swole?

New to these lifts?  Don’t worry – we’ve got the recipe to help you feel comfortable and safe while dramatically increasing what you are capable of.  Experienced lifter?  This strength cycle is designed to help you push past plateaus and increase your maxes across the board.

So what will the upcoming weeks look like?  Strength sessions will include one foundational lift, to be completed on a clock (all rest in this cycle will be timed), with your final set as a “max effort”.  Based on what your last set looks like, we will use this data to calculate your weights for the subsequent weeks.  More on this in a minute.

 You will also notice an accompanying accessory lift to be completed after your main lift.  This is designed to push you to muscle fatigue, and will often include tempo work to achieve this.  Please be sure you are adhering to the instructed tempos and using challenging weight for the full benefits here.

Lastly, your metabolic training will be focused around maximizing your strength work.  This means shorter, faster metcons will explosive movements often in couplets or triplets.  

To ensure you are getting the most out of this session, we will begin with some baseline tests.  This will allow us to base your strength work around percentages, to be increased as your abilities increase.  Back to those max effort sets – remember your last set will be working to failure?  Now this does NOT mean you should be physically failing your last rep; what it means is that you have done the maximum amount of reps that your body will allow without compromising form.  Once you start to see a breakdown in form that is beyond repair – you know you have reached failure.  Call it.

What you will load on the bar for the same lift the following week will be based on how many reps you were able to achieve in your max effort set.  Cool, right?  This will allow us to know when you are ready to do more, and adjust your numbers based around your gainz.  Which will lead to more gainz.  Which brings me to my final point.

Strength work is demanding – but you get what you put in.  Remember – a deep breath, an incredible amount of concentration, and the belief in yourself and your abilities – will always get you one more rep.  

Look for more information next week including how you should be fueling for this strength cycle. Nutrition must reflect goals.

The weights have missed you.  Welcome back.  #summerofswole.

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